School Shootings: The New Psychotic Craze.

Gun control is a popular topic of discussion, especially nowadays with all of the outrageous stories in the news.

I once said “I try to stay away from understanding life. It’s never going to make (full) sense anyway.” It’s probably the smartest thought that has come out of me. Yet I struggle with ceasing the thoughts that run wildly across my mind. When is it right, if ever, to vocalize our opinions on other peoples’ behavior and choices? Is it even worth discussing whether the public should be allowed to own guns? I mean, it’s technically a constitutional right, where is the discussion?

But does that mean I, now, need to posses a gun to make it a fair battle?…

The real question is, why does there need to be a battle in the first place?

I have this idealistic perspective of the world, and how everything should be, always right, always perfect. People should always be nice; thus, why guns are unnecessary. Unfortunately, the sad reality is, the world doesn’t work like that. People aren’t always nice (although I believe human beings are inherently good). They can plot devious plans to massacre innocent people or simply do crazy things on a whim, like shoot someone for texting in a movie theater. So what do we do? Do we keep arguing about whether people should be allowed to own guns? Or is it time to shift the topic of discussion on teaching people how to properly handle weaponry (including keeping it safe and away from children)? How do we stop people from pulling the trigger? How do we teach people to not turn to weapons and violence as a resolution?

I’ve been trying to understand whether school shootings have always happened and never caught mass media attention until now or if this is some new psychotic trend that is going around. Too often, we hear of people going into schools and sacrificing innocent lives. The latest shooting in New Mexico has left two kids injured because a seventh grader decided he was going to attempt what many others have done in recent past. How does a 12 year old boy get possession of a gun?! AND SHOOT ANOTHER KID IN THE FACE, TWICE!! Why should an 11 year old have to undergo immediate surgery?! Even if this 11 year old was a bully, that is not a good reason to fire at him! This isn’t a form of justice. There needs to be a very clear lesson taught to our country if people think they can just grab a gun and shoot people. Moreover, there needs to be a huge lesson taught to gun owners who do not take care of their weapons appropriately.

If you don’t want the government controlling your guns, then make sure YOU’RE controlling them!

…Again, how does a 12 year old boy get possession of a gun?!


How can anyone think of taking a gun to a campus filled with innocent children or people who are trying to improve their lives by attaining a higher education?!

It’s outrageous; simply abominable behavior.


I just want to understand why.

And how do we fix this?…

I’m often left perplexed at life’s controversies; deep down I know what I prefer, but sometimes it’s not logically the best decision. Of course no one should/should need to own a gun. Guns, evidently, make it easier for people to kill people. By simply pulling a trigger, a life can be taken. That’s it. No more going back and undoing the action. One simple vengeful thought, an easy decision made off emotional rage, and lives are lost.

But the saying stands true: guns don’t kill people, people kill people… So how about we stop battling gun owners (because we lost that battle in 1787) and move forward, so we can make progress, so we can teach our people to not kill people.


“De ja vu, in a country where school shootings are no longer rare.”


I just can’t even deal with that sentence.