New Year, New Blog, New Everything

The last (and first) time I started a blog, my life was going through a big change. I decided to start a Tumblr page, paint my room a different color, and change my perspective on life after high school. I am now caught in familiar territory as my life shifts in big ways. I will soon begin my last semester of my Bachelor’s program… I will soon begin my internship for the city I love most in this world, my hometown of Glendale, CA… I have people who have come in and out of my life, leaving the heaviest of footprints on my heart… and I am trying to understand what and who I want to be in this world.

One of my goals, which I’ve recently become more serious about, is to become a published author, & I think this is a helpful start. I may or may not gain an audience that is willing to spend a few minutes of their day reading my work, but at least I will gain practice, to help me prep for all of the book ideas dancing in my brain.

I recently opened a twitter account (@suzsar) which I plan on using to post articles and news pieces I think are worthy of sharing. My goal is to be more involved with what is going on in the world, I must. I have no other choice, because starting May 20, 2014 I will be thrown out into it. No more using school as a shelter. Due to my experiences in life, I realize I know nothing. I realize that there is so much to learn from this world & that I must allow myself to truly experience the world… and not turn away in fear.

I want to embrace this state of vulnerability that I will soon enter…because frankly, I believe that, this state will be the rest of my life (if I’m lucky). It’s the only way to experience life, to walk away from the sheltered safe place, and explore the frightening opportunities that wait ahead.

I look forward to seeing progress in my writing.

I look forward to an enhanced vocabulary.

I look forward to pushing myself to learn more, to read more, to listen more, and to write more.

I hope that I can devote the time necessary to make this blog something I will be proud of.

I hope that I can devote the ideas necessary to make this blog something others can be fond of.

I hope I can use this blog to help me understand what I will create of myself for this world.

& I hope I can make a positive change and help people with my writing.

(1/9/14 Originally written and published on tumblr.)