The Power Of Putting It Down

The following is a brief course on Success 101 taught by yours truly 🙂


If you clicked on this article because you desperately wanted to know what the “It” was, why you are supposed to be putting “It” down, and the power “It” contains…I’d like you to try and guess what “It” is…..



Need a hint? “It” is a five-letter word.





Give up?











Yup! That’s right, goals; that’s what you’re supposed to be putting down. Why is this excitingly powerful you may ask? Because it increases your chances of being successful.

Writing down goals is a critical step in the journey to success. Many goals often tend to be concepts we think are way out of our reach. We think there is a slight, if at all any, chance we can actualize them. They require more time, effort, passion and most importantly, courage. This is why many people are afraid of dreaming big and setting big goals. The trick to setting goals is to dream big, yet keep it realistic. I know, I know, it sucks that we have to be realistic, but we do; or else we will always feel let down (like I am when I realize I will never be Beyoncé). The fine line between unrealistic and realistic can be determined by planning out your goal with the S.M.A.R.T. goal system.


If you are too scared to even think about a goal, or it’s overwhelming thinking about it because you don’t know where you would even start, S.M.A.R.T. goals are the way to go! If done properly, the process of creating S.M.A.R.T. goals should map out the steps of how to achieve these goals. This map serves an even bigger purpose, by actually having a methodical plan it is likely you will be less apprehensive about this dream.

Once upon a time a couple years ago, I randomly had an idea that I would like to invest in property before I get married. This random thought became more serious the more I thought and spoke about it. Sooner than I knew it, I was determined to make this dream a reality. It wasn’t until after I developed a S.M.A.R.T. goal plan that I was fully confident in my ability to make my dream a reality. The S.M.A.R.T. goal system allowed me to develop a clear-cut plan. Invest in property at young age of 23 seemed unrealistic to many, but I had a plan and if I stick to it, I am confident I can do it!

I defined my goal and set it to be measurable and realistic by allowing myself enough time to save up. Throughout the process, I learned about all of the different steps and usual difficulties one may run into during the property buying process. It helped me prepare for the future by better understanding the whole picture from saving to after purchasing the property. This is obviously a long-term goal that needs smaller short-term goals to ensure its success. I have set regular savings goals and will start researching more on the housing market as the time gets closer. I have allowed myself the leniency to shift my timeline if absolutely necessary. Ideally, I would like to own a condo by the age of 23; however, I decided I am willing to strategically delay this to 24 or 25 if it means putting a larger amount down to decrease my monthly payments. I realize this is going to be difficult since I would like to buy this property in a relatively expensive city with the county of Los Angeles; however, the outcome is greater than the struggle, so its worth it! And I’m ready for the challenge! Setting the S.M.A.R.T. goal has prepared me mentally for what I will encounter.

The level of difficulty to achieving a goal should only play a small role in your decision making process. A big factor of why people decide to quit, or never even try to achieve their goals in the first place, is because it is difficult. The characteristic that distinguishes those who achieve their goals and those who don’t is perseverance. Odds are, you aren’t the only human of the 7 billion that inhabit the planet who wants to achieve this goal, and one day, someone will. What are you going to do to ensure that someone is YOU ?!


Writing down your goals becomes a contract between you and yourself. You feel more committed – something that was once a dream is now more than just a thought floating in the air, it is now tangible, it is now real, it becomes more of a possibility than before. By writing it down somewhere significant, like in a journal, your bucket list, or the whiteboard that stares you square in the face everyday, you are reminding yourself that this is a dream you are serious about pursuing and are determined to achieve it!

I have a bucket list. It’s a cute little green journal with numbered dreams and goals, some easy and silly, others… kind of impossible (one of them was to go to an Oprah taping, now that the show is over, I don’t know how I’m going to go about that one).  The moral of this example is that just because some are scary impossible doesn’t stop me from writing them down. When I write something in my bucket list, I feel like it becomes carved in stone; once its there, that’s it! No turning back. So you could imagine my hesitation to put sky diving on there. But I did! And after I wrote the last letter, as I placed my pen down, a part of me tingled with excitement. I was now committed to doing this. It was a promise to myself. I have to sky dive. I must!

This commitment is another common factor why people may be reluctant to write down their goals. We doubt our abilities to successfully achieve our goals and we want to avoid any disappointment, so we completely steer clear of entertaining serious thoughts of these big dreams we keep bottled up inside.

Unfortunately, we fail to realize the true detriment is not the possibility of failing, but the fear that prevents us from trying. We are only failing ourselves when we forbid our extremely unique, creative, powerful, and impressive minds to be free. Fear shackles us down to living stagnant lives.




P.S. Discussing big goals with family, friends, colleagues, and mentors is another great way to increase your chances of success. Not only does it make you feel more committed because the public is now informed of your dreams, but it also allows people to help you achieve those dreams. Many dreamers don’t realize that the people around them may be the ticket to their dreams!


Dream BIG & push yourself to reach higher heights than you ever thought you could!


To Infinity & Beyond,

Suzanna Sargsyan



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